Dropped or Missing Keystrokes in IE 7 or 8

TIP: If you’ve recently upgraded to IE7 or IE8 and found that your keyboard is suddenly dropping characters when you compose a new email in gmail, you may be experiencing a problem due to the Adobe Shockwave Flash plugin.  I recently got a new laptop with Windows 7 installed and was getting very frustrated with this problem.  Unfortunately, online posts about the issue didn’t address the problem directly.  In most cases, users were instructed to disable all plugins and see if that fixed the problem.

In my particular case, I simply disabled the Adobe Shockwave Flash plugin and the problem went away.  I would note, though, that I only experienced the issue in gmail when I was composing a new message or a response to an existing message.  Otherwise, IE worked normally.


  1. tabata says:

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  2. cindy youell says:

    So how do I disable the shockwae flash plugin? You can see my keyboard is droppig srokes like crazy! And i’s drivig me crazy!!!!

    • signal7 says:

      That sorta depends on what version of IE you’re using. On my install of IE 7, there is an option to “Manage Add-ons” under the Tools menu (yes, it’s old and out of date, but I don’t use it for anything but work related stuff where I have no choice). Under that option is “Enable or Disable Add-ons”. You can disable the plugin from there.

      If that doesn’t work, try cleaning out any toolbars that may have gotten installed.

      Hope it helps.